Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Proposal

If you had a year to do anything what would it be? Let's say you are unemployed, laid off, a victim of the seemingly unending recession, or you're simply dissatisfied as I guess many of us are at least some of the time and want a new direction in life. What could be accomplished given an entire cycle of seasons?

It seems more and more people are taking a year, doing something, and writing about it. Maybe you could cook all of Julia Child's recipes, live on food grown locally, build a cabin in the woods, have kids and lead an astonishingly normal life! Almost anything qualifies, from reading Proust to reading the unread books on your bookshelf. Bake a cake a month, ride your bicycle--start a blog. Well, I propose something tried and untried, extreme in the nth degree and excessively moderate. To read and blog and about and live, to some degree, a year of "Year Of" memoirs, one a month, to see through the author's differing and similar wordlviews, to plumb the depths of the instant memoir and splash around in its shallows, as long as I don't get my rolled up jeans too wet. At once published instantly for all to see and unpublishable, since no one will actually read this I am free to write anything I want! Feel free to post back--add a rant, novel (on a napkin--see sidebar), a link you like, or your own 'Year Of' project. The year starts now.